Science Operations

Science Operations provides logistical and support services for Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center (PIFSC) research activities throughout the central and western Pacific Ocean. Personnel are stationed across the region with offices in: Hawaii, Guam, American Samoa (AS) and Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI). Science Operations assists the research divisions of PIFSC in efficiently achieving coordination, permitting, safety training, and other requirements.

Scientific Platform Coordination

The PIFSC Vessel Operations Coordinator oversees strategic planning, coordination and tracking of all PIFSC vessel projects aboard NOAA ships and charters.

Boating Safety Program

The Boating Safety Program has oversight for all small boat activities, and coordinates and conducts various training modules for operators and scientists. Program staff work closely with each PIFSC research division to ensure all operators are properly trained and boats are outfitted with essential safety gear, navigation instruments and research equipment. The Boating Safety Program provides coxswain support for field efforts, ensures that field operations apply risk assessment techniques to mitigate risks and increase mission success, and that all boats and operations are conducted in compliance with applicable policies.

Scientific Support Pool

The Scientific Support Pool provides a cadre of trained biological technicians available to all research divisions for at-sea research activities. They have a ready familiarity with standard oceanographic equipment and fisheries field operations methods. They also provide support shore-side by assisting with the mobilization and demobilization of projects, performing data quality assurance and quality control, and processing metadata or biological samples. Additionally, they are responsible for maintaining and tracking all PIFSC-owned scientific sensors and equipment.

NEPA and Permit Compliance

Science Operations ensures that all PIFSC research activities are in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969 and any federal, state, or local regulations. Our NEPA and Permits Coordinator works with each PIFSC research division to ensure compliance and facilitates inter-agency permit coordination and consultations.

Marine National Monuments Science Coordination

The Monuments Science Coordinator is primarily charged with facilitating collaboration with federal, state, local, and academic partners and coordinating NOAA scientific research within the Marianas Trench, Pacific Remote Islands, and Rose Atoll Marine National Monuments. More...

Field Office Liaisons

The Science Operations Field Office Liaisons in Guam, American Samoa and Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands have three overarching goals within their respective jurisdictions: 1) provide logistical and coordination support for all PIFSC research and monitoring (ship-based and shore-based), 2) provide local and regional partners an effective and transparent means of face-to-face communication on PIFSC research activities, and 3) to foster collaboration.

Editorial Services

Reports, manuscripts, and other documents written by PIFSC staff and affiliated JIMAR scientists are edited and proofed by Science Operations staff, then reviewed and approved by the Science Director (or delegated authority) prior to their public dissemination by the Center or submission to peer-reviewed journals or other external publishers. Documents published by the Center are made readily available to the public. More on Publications ...

Graphics Services

Photographs, scanned images, line art, and other graphical materials are acquired or produced in-house, edited, and cataloged for use in Center publications and presentations. Graphical design and layout services are provided to Center and affiliated JIMAR staff for posters, brochures, and other presentation and educational materials.


A comprehensive reference library for use by Center scientists, affiliated JIMAR staff, and the public is maintained with up-to-date collections of scientific journals, technical books, and other documents. Extensive capabilities are provided for online bibliographic searches, linkage to other archives, inter-library loans, and more. Visit the Library ...