Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center Organization Chart

  • Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center
    Michael Seki
    Evan Howell
    Deputy Director
    • Ecosystem Sciences Division
      Frank Parrish - Division Director
      • Habitat and Living Marine Resources
        Russell Brainard - Supervisory Oceanographer, Program Manager
      • Ocean Synthesis and Human Dimensions
        Justin Hospital - Supervisory Economist, Program Manager
    • Fisheries Research and Monitoring Division
      Christofer Boggs - Division Director
      Beth Lumsden - Deputy Chief
      • Insular Fisheries Monitoring Program
        Kimberly Lowe - Supervisory Operations Research Analyst, Program Manager
      • International Fisheries Program
        Keith Bigelow - Supervisory Research Fish Biologist, Program Manager
      • Life History Program
        Vacant - Supervisory Research Fishery Biologist, Program Manager
      • Stock Assessment Program
        Annie Yau - Supervisory Research Fishery Biologist, Program Manager
    • Operations, Management and Information Division
      Susan Kamei - Division Director
      • Acquisitions, Grants and Facilities Services
        Julie Whitaker - Supervisory Business and Industry Specialist
      • Budget Office
        Mary Zadlo - Budget Officer
      • Information Technology Services
        Mark Kazunaga - ITS Chief
    • Protected Species Division
      Vacant - Division Director
    • Science Operations Division
      Noriko Shoji - Division Director
      • Field Operations Program
        Chad Yoshinaga - Supervisory Logistics Management Specialist
      • Technical Services Program
        Hoku Johnson - Supervisory Natural Resource Management Specialist