Operations, Management and Information Division

“The mission of the Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center OMI division is to provide high quality customer service, oversight, and the technical tools necessary to help further the success of the PIFSC and NOAA mission, while ensuring compliance with agency policies and regulations.”

Administrative Services provides oversight and coordination in the areas of personnel, procurement, travel, training, property management, grants management, interagency agreements, facilities and maintenance, safety and environmental compliance, and other related areas.

Budget Office staff coordinate the development of budgets to meet Center objectives; operate an effective financial management system to allocate, monitor and account for Center monetary resources; and regularly report to Division Chiefs and the Center Director on financial status. Budget staff ensure that financial Annual Operating Plans are in place for current year funding. In addition, budget tracking and analyses are regularly performed to ensure that actual expenditures are in line with the operating plans and allocations.

Information Technology Services provides the infrastructure and IT tools needed by all PIFSC employees to complete their job while enforcing the mandated security requirements.