Monuments Science Program

Marine National Monuments of the Pacific.
Marine National Monuments of the Pacific

There are four U.S. Marine National Monuments in the Pacific: the Marianas Trench (MTMNM), Pacific Remote Islands (PRIMNM), Papahānaumokuākea (PMNM), and Rose Atoll (RAMNM). The Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center (PIFSC) Monuments Science Program was established to conduct research and provide scientific advice to support management of the Monuments. These Pacific Monuments encompass 658,351 square miles (1,705,122 km2), and together represent some of the most biologically diverse and pristine areas in the Western Pacific.

The focus of the science program is to offer society a deeper understanding and breadth of knowledge about the complex ecosystems and physical, geological, and biochemical processes in the Marine National Monuments through scientific research and exploration, while ensuring Monument resources are not degraded.

Research is carried out by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) PIFSC in coordination and collaboration with other federal, state and local agencies and the academic community. Management responsibilities are carried out by the NMFS Pacific Islands Regional Office, Marine National Monument Program. Together we collaborate with our partners to manage the Monuments.