Federal Logbook Forms, Instructions, and Species Identification Guides

Updated 3/25/2016

Samples of current logbook forms for federally-regulated fisheries in the Pacific Islands Region are provided below for reference purposes, along with logbook instructions and species identification guides. The sample forms are not to be used for reporting catch. If you need official forms for reporting purposes, please contact Kurt Kawamoto in the PIFSC Fishery Monitoring Branch (kurt.kawamoto@noaa.gov or 808-725-5326).

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files on this page. You may download and install it from the Acrobat Reader Website.

American Samoa Longline Fishery

Hawaii Longline Fishery

Main Hawaiian Islands (MHI) Bottomfish Fishery

Pacific Remote Island Areas (PRIA) Bottomfish Fishery

Pacific Remote Island Areas (PRIA) Troll and Handline Fishery

Western and Central Pacific Ocean Highly Migratory Species (HMS) Fisheries

Western and Central Pacific Ocean Purse Seine Fishery

Western Pacific (Mariana Islands) Bottomfish Fishery

Western Pacific Crustacean Fishery

Western Pacific Precious Coral Fishery

Western Pacific Squid Jig Fishery

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