Center Reports and Reviews

Updated 2/05/2021

In addition to disseminating our research results as PIFSC reports or articles in peer-reviewed publications, we issue regular overviews of Center activities and accomplishments. These include annual reports, a quarterly research report, external reviews of our scientific enterprise, and peer reviews of selected scientific products.

Strategic Planning

Pacific Islands Regional Action Plan

As part of its overall efforts to provide information and services for decision-makers to reduce impacts, mitigate risk, and increase resilience to changing oceans, NOAA Fisheries released its Pacific Islands Regional Action Plan for climate science. The Pacific Islands Regional Action Plan is one of five Regional Action Plans NOAA Fisheries has released to guide implementation of its Climate Science Strategy in each region over the next five years. More...

PIFSC Priorities and Annual Guidance Memos

The purpose of the Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center (PIFSC or Center) Annual Guidance Memorandums is to focus the Center's attention on several specific programmatic priorities in the coming year. The Annual Guidance Memorandums attempt to balance the work that PIFSC programs conduct on NOAA mandates and stakeholder priorities with potential fiscal year budget scenarios. The Annual Guidance Memorandums also help position the Center for out-year (i.e., two to five year) challenges and opportunities.

PIFSC Science Plan 2013

The PIFSC Science Plan, completed in March 2013, provides a comprehensive framework for organizing and prioritizing the Center's research and monitoring activities. By publishing the Science Plan, we aim to communicate this framework in a way that shows the full suite of Science Center research under major themes. With this structured format we hope that the public, our key stakeholders, and our staff can see how the work of each part of PIFSC contributes to the overall Center mission. The Science Plan also identifies the strategic mandates that drive our key research and monitoring activities and inform our budget planning process.

The PIFSC Science Plan is part of a national NOAA Fisheries science enterprise effort to generate science plans for all six NOAA Fisheries science centers and the NOAA Fisheries Office of Science and Technology. It was created largely by PIFSC staff and improved through useful comments on earlier drafts by stakeholders and the public in the Pacific Islands region. We very much appreciate this external input; it helped make the plan more relevant to our applied scientific research and monitoring mission.

The PIFSC Science Plan is intended to be flexible. It will be augmented by "implementation plans" designed to integrate the strategic view of the Science Plan with our annual budgets; the first implementation plan is scheduled for federal fiscal year 2014. And the PIFSC Science Plan will be revised every 5 years, and more frequently as conditions require.

We hope the PIFSC Science Plan provides helpful insight into our research directions and priorities. Comments on the plan and our research are always welcome.

Strategic Plan for the Conservation and Management of Marine Resources in the Pacific Islands Region 2005-2010

The leadership and staff of the National Marine Fisheries Service offices in Honolulu – Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center (PIFSC), Pacific Islands Region Office (PIRO), and NOAA Fisheries Office of Law Enforcement Pacific Islands Division (ENF-HI), as well as the Western Pacific Fishery Management Council, met in 2003 and 2004 to prepare an overview of the new region.


Program Reviews

NOAA Fisheries Science Program Reviews

Sound scientific research is the foundation for conservation and management actions to maintain the health of our marine fisheries, habitats and ecosystems. To help ensure the quality, integrity, credibility and transparency of our science, NOAA Fisheries conducts systematic, public peer reviews of scientific programs across the agency. In the first round of peer reviews, taking place in 2013, experts from outside NOAA Fisheries will examine data collection programs at PIFSC and other Science Centers that are the foundation for fish stock assessments. In subsequent years, other topics will be addressed.

External Reviews of PIFSC

The following links display information on external reviews of the Center's programs conducted at the request of the Directors Office. Included for each review are an overview, the external reviewers' comments, and the Center's response.

2012 PIFSC External Stakeholder Report

Early in 2012 the PIFSC directors sponsored a confidential review of how well the Center was fulfilling its mission in its stakeholders' eyes. Dr. Jeff Crawford of Executive Development, Inc. of Honolulu was selected to conduct the review. The Introduction of his report is available here. We very much appreciate the insights provided by our stakeholders and are committed to improving our performance, particularly on the dimensions Crawford identified as least strong. – Sam Pooley, director

External Review of the Center's Coral Reef Ecosystem Research

NOAA's coral reef research, including work at PIFSC, is funded and supported by the NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program (CRCP). In 2007, the CRCP undertook a comprehensive external review of its work to note successes, identify issues and seek expert guidance on ways to improve the program. The review included an evaluation of the extensive coral reef ecosystem research by the PIFSC's Coral Reef Ecosystem Division in the central and Western Pacific. Background information on the CRCP review and links to review documents are available at the following Web page:

Peer Reviews of Stock Assessments and Other Research

The Center regularly solicits independent peer reviews of its scientific work, including stock assessments, other analytical products, and research strategies. Peer reviews have been conducted directly by the Center, through the Center of Independent Experts (CIE), and through the collaborative Western Pacific Stock Assessment Review (WPSAR) process.

PIFSC Annual Reports

The following are links to the Center's annual reports (2006 - present) that describe the basic operations of the Center and its research priorities.