Rapid Ecological Assessment of Fish - Survey Method Training

Updated 2/06/2021

How to Use this Training Site

Divers taking a fish ID test as part of the training requirements. NOAA photo by Paula Ayotte.
Divers taking a fish ID test as part of the training requirements. NOAA photo by Paula Ayotte.

Training is a prerequisite for the Coral Reef Ecosystem Program (CREP) fish survey divers and the material presented here is used in conjunction with a week-long, on-site training that includes classroom lectures, testing and in-water survey and fish sizing practice dives.

These training materials provide basic information on the Stationary Point Count (SPC) Method for anyone getting started, practice materials for divers with more experience, resource materials specific to CREP research cruises, and useful study guides and study aids.

Click here to download all training materials below (849.3 MB ZIP).


Jack Stationary Point Count (SPC) Method Training

  1. Fish Surveys (5.2 MB PDF)
  2. Fish Sizing and Counting (6.3 MB PDF)
  3. Benthic Habitat Surveys (17.3 MB PDF)

Butterfly fish Fish ID Study Guides

Fish divers participating in research expeditions are tested on fishes specific to the region they will be surveying and must pass with a score of at least 90%. The following study guides can be used as tools to help learn and study fishes found in the different regions CREP surveys.

Other Resources

Parrot fish Frequency Lists

The spreadsheets in this document are divided by region and list by frequency how often a species has been seen during CREP fish surveys. These lists can help you focus your fish species identification training; start by concentrating on first learning the top 50 species, then the top 100, and so on.

  • All Regions (0.1 MB XLSX)
    - American Samoa, Line Islands (Jarvis, Kingman, Palmyra), Main Hawaiian Islands, Mariana Islands, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, Phoenix Islands (Howland, Baker), and Johnston Atoll

Shark Printable Data and Reference Sheets

Tang Reference Materials

Humphead wrasse Research Cruise/Ship Information

Trigger fish Study Aids