Coral Reef Data Portal

Listed below are the online resources that provide access to data collected and processed by the Coral Reef Ecosystem Division (CRED) of the NOAA Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center. Information is available for U.S. Pacific islands and atolls that have been surveyed as part of CRED's Pacific Reef Assessment and Monitoring Program (Pacific RAMP) in the Hawaiian and Mariana Archipelagos, American Samoa, and the Pacific Remote Island Areas. Through Pacific RAMP, CRED collects, analyzes, and shares information about fishes, corals, algae, invertebrates, benthic habitats, water quality, oceanography, and responses to climate change. Visit each of the websites below for a complete description of and access to the data that are currently available. For now, only a subset of the information collected through Pacific RAMP is available online, so please check back with us soon or contact us directly if you do not find the information that is of interest to you.

Benthic Habitat Mapping

Pacific Islands Benthic Habitat Mapping Center (PIBHMC) — Data collected by the PIBHMC are used to create a set of standard map products for each of the coral reef ecosystems surveyed at ~ 50 islands and atolls in the U.S. Pacific. Benthic habitat data include bathymetry and backscatter, optical-validation data from towed camera systems, and geomorphological data layers derived from bathymetry, including substrate, slope, rugosity, and bathymetric position index. All data, metadata, and map products are organized by location and are available via FTP download.

NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program (CRCP)

The NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program (CRCP) supports effective management and sound science to preserve, sustain and restore valuable coral reef ecosystems for future generations.

NOAA Coral Reef Information System (CoRIS)

The NOAA Coral Reef Information System (CoRIS) is a web-based information portal that provides access to NOAA coral reef information and data products with emphasis on the U.S. states, territories and remote island areas. NOAA Coral Reef activities include coral reef mapping, monitoring and assessment; natural and socioeconomic research and modeling; outreach and education; and management and stewardship.